Chez Alice Wedding Trends

Spinach-Cheese from Chez AliceI’ve been meaning to get back to this topic, continuing from my March 5 postChez Alice Catering Company owner Kelly Hamdan had talked to me about wedding trends at her recent open house, and I wanted to give you a summary. 

Green weddings (and other types of events) are in.  Couples want to honor the environment, whether it’s the choice of food, decor, or other aspects of the big day.  On the menu, this means an emphasis on local and/or organic foods.  Green as a color is also popular, but so are hues in the pink to red range.

Given the economy, brides are going back to basics, and even asking to have food served family style, or at grazing tables, instead of a big sit-down meal.  Square tables are popular (a refreshing change!).  So are candy buffets at dessert, and Asian themes in decor and food.

Another trend Ms. Hamdan has noticed is that she’s constantly working long distance with her brides and grooms.  They are sometimes as far away as China while planning their Princeton-area wedding, so once an in-person visit has accomplished the basics, and a level of trust, everything else is done by email.  So efficient, and a necessity for those with global lives.

The photo here (more phyllo!) is a closeup of the spinach/cheese triangles from the Mediterranean buffet table at the Chez Alice open house.  I grew up with Middle Eastern food and I am picky, picky, picky.  These were, well, let’s just say, completely fulfilling – just like your special day will hopefully be!

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