Israeli Cuisine at Mediterra

Mediterra restaurant in downtown Princeton has finally, to the relief of many, reopened.  They closed down in January for some necessary work in connection with the Hulfish North construction project going on behind them.  But, hey, the owners thought, it’s time to update the premises anyway, so the work went on for, I think, nearly three months.

Now they’ve reopened after their redesign (and concurrent reworking of the menu), and while I haven’t been over there yet myself, they are planning to celebrate their reopening with the public on April 18, from Noon to 3pm. Details are on their website at

And, to get to the Israeli part of this post, Mediterra executive chef Luis Bollo is teaming up with Michael Solomonov, executive chef/proprietor of the acclaimed Philadelphia restaurant, Zahav, to present a week of special Israeli food and wines at Mediterra, offered in addition to the regular menu.  Zahav features innovative Middle Eastern Cuisine, and has a “small plates” menu packed with mouthwatering dishes – and the critics agree.

And on April 19, there is a Grand Dinner created by Solomonov and Bollo; again, details are at the link above.  This all sounds like one of the most interesting restaurant promotions around to me!

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