Lunch at Sophie’s Bistro

Duck Confit SaladI have always enjoyed my meals at Sophie’s Bistro in Somerset, and only wish it were closer to home.

A day off for an excursion with friend Miriam took us to the area Tuesday, so we stopped in for lunch and had a delicious meal.  I mean, really, really good.

This is my duck confit salad, with frisée, string beans, potato, and walnuts, with fig dressing that I think was spiked with mustard. It was perfect.  The duck was soooo tender (and, yes, rich)…well, it was heaven on a plate.  Warmed baguette with butter in a small crock was also served.

Sophie's seafood vol-au-ventMiriam’s seafood vol-au-vent (the term means “flying in the wind,” due to the lightness of the puff pastry) is pictured here too; both photos, taken on my basic cell phone, turned out too good to choose between them. 

This dish was also mouthwatering, chockablock with salmon, scallops, shrimp, and the sauce was nice and wine-y.  That’s the great thing about French food – when they say wine sauce, they mean it.

A most successful lunch!  If you haven’t tried Sophies, go soon, and often.

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