Hail to the Chief (and I’ll take fries with that)


If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for me (some would say too good…).  Our president’s jaunt to the Five Guys burger chain did not escape my notice.

So out of curiousity, I checked for a location nearby, and lo and behold, there is one in Ewing, right across Scotch Road from my eye doctor’s office.   I had a visit to her coming up (Matossian Eye Associates; she’s a fellow foodie), so stopped in for a late lunch after.

Sorry about the turned-up foil in the corner there, but you can just make out the grilled onions and ketchup under the patty.  There is a long list of optional accompaniments, even mushrooms, and they’re included in the price.  The onions were sweet and delicious and overall this was a very good fresh-tasting burger, for $4.09.  I asked for pickles on the side and you can see the small cupful on the right.

The only “décor,” besides media coverage and testimonials, are the big paper sacks of Maine potatoes piled up, waiting to be turned into crispy fries.  And the fries ($2.89 for a “small” that was huge) were excellent.  They use only peanut oil.  The place was clean, and the staff was friendly.  Thanks for the tip, Mr. President.  And happy Fourth of July!

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