A Capital Idea

Capital Mkt Flyer

Are you loving the great weather we’re finally having?  If so, come out to the Capital City Market in Trenton, which takes place Thursdays, sometime soon and enjoy Jersey Fresh produce, arts & crafts vendors, tours, activities for children and music.  Here are some of the highlights:

11 am-2 pm. Every Thursday btwn July 9 – Sept. 24
East State Street btwn Warren & Broad in downtown

Karl Flesch of the Trenton Historical Society will be available at 12:30 every Thursday from July 16 through August 6 for a tour and talk on 35 East State Street, the former store of Fred’k W. Donnelly & Son, one of Trenton’s foremost men’s clothiers.

The First Presbyterian Church on 120 East State St. will also offer lunchtime tours of the church (formed in 1712 and built in 1726) and its burial grounds, which counts among its inhabitants Colonel Johann Rall, commander of the German troops stationed in Trenton and killed in the battle of Trenton in December 1776.

The Daylight Twilight High School Band will offer free guitar lessons for young aspiring musicians on July 16 & July 30 under the Kids’ Tent. And the Trent House will have hands-on activities, so bring the kiddies. Just look for the tent with the balloons.

And here are some dining options:

Archives Restaurant 1 W. Lafayette St. (609-656-4578)
Brother Trattoria 50 E. State St. (609-394-2004)
Café Ole 126 S. Warren St. (609-396-2233)
Café International 241 East Front St. (609-498-0123)
Capital Deli 50 E. State St. (609-394-8040
Checkers 14 S. Warren St. (609-394-3895)
Chinatown Express 50 E. State St. (609-695-5800)
China Star 240 E. State St. (609-278-1919)
Chucks Café 7 E. State St.
City Deli Hoagie Shop 15 N. Broad St. (609-695-1119)
Colonial Farms 137 E. State St. (609-695-8307)
Columbus Pizza 8 S. Warren St. (609-393-5707)
Corner Café 50 E. State St. (609-396-3809)
Derby Dog 50 E. State St.
Downtown Deli 18 N. Broad St. (609-695-7997)
Dunkin Donuts 47 & 225 E. State St.
East State Deli 302 E. State St. (609-989-8844)
Everything Yogurt 50 E. State St. (609-396-3809)
Frank’s Pizza 10 N. Broad St. (609-393-2248)
Georgia Fried Chicken 2 N. Broad St. (609-394-9640)
Golden Chicken 50 E. State St. (609-695-2696)
Howard’s Place 2 332 E. State St. (609-695-6544)
Jung’s Place 15 E. State St. (609-989-0238)
Lucy’s Café 224 W. State St. (609-278-1777)
NY Fried Chicken 242 E. State St. (609-989-0106)
Nuts For You 41 E. State St.
Po Po No. 1 8 N. Broad St. (609-695-2840)
Rainbowtown 111 S. Warren St. (609-989-0277)
San Juan Café 103 E. State St. (609-695-2222)
Settimo Cielo 17 E. Front St. (609-656-8877)
Subway 9 E. State St. (609-278-1666)
Sunrise Luncheonette 26 S. Warren St. (609-278-8994)
The Phoenix 120 S. Warren St. (609-394-0091)
Trenton Bagel 17 S. Broad (609-396-1818)
Trenton Kebab House 226 E. State St. (609-278-0037)

One thought on “A Capital Idea

  1. Trenton Kebab House is a great place to stop when you’re feeling the need for high quality fresh Mediterranean food. They have a great menu that fits everyone’s budget. My favorite is the Chicken Adana Kebab Sandwich, I love the Lentil Soup that is served with some pita. When I feel like going meatless I get the homemade Humus and an order of the Cheese Rolls (Sigara Boregi) they are hunks of feta and herbs rolled in phyllo dough then pan fried! Outrageously good. They have a great menu you should take your time and enjoy it all. If your in a rush don’t order a kebab as its always cooked fresh, fresh takes longer! It’s a great idea to beat the noon rush or come after 1pm. They are always serving it up fresh. They are open late which is nice if you want to pick up a platter to bring home for dinner. They offer delivery service. They have a nice selection of soft drinks and Arizona Iced Tea and Snapple (my favorites). Don’t miss out on the desserts! If you want they can do some catering if your having a business meeting, it sure beats the local pizza. i think the service is much better now then when they opened. They have a full staff working the lunch rush, they take credit cards ( rare in Trenton). You can BYOB if you feel the need. It does get very busy on nice days and generally at lunch.

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