Gitchee, gitchee, good!

Tasty Baby BongosI vaguely remember buying tiny jars of baby food puréed fruit many years ago, for the novelty, but if they’d tasted this good I wouldn’t have stopped.

At the recent Fancy Food Show in New York, a taste of Tastybaby‘s Bangos, a Stage 2 banana-mango blend, wowed me with its fresh, not processed, flavor.  Tastybaby makes frozen organic baby food, and it’s sold in local stores (try Whole Foods, McCaffrey’s and Pennington Market) and on the Internet (try where it is their #1 selling frozen baby food).  I never even knew knew there was such a thing as frozen baby food, but I guess if you have the freezer space, it is a way to always have something fresh-tasting on hand, even if you make some of your own.  You know, in your spare time, which new mothers have so much of…(yes, I’m being ironic).

Besides the obvious simple fruit and vegetable blends – peas with mint and brown rice, for instance – there are more complex savory blends with an ethnic touch, such as Bollywood Baby and Mama Mia. 

Some of these can even be adapted for adult soups and side dishes, and the website is full of recipes for that, too.  Hmm, this could be handy for a small household like mine.  I will definitely be visiting the frozen foods aisle to try this.

And the packaging? BPA free plastic, of course, and I can think of a ton of uses for those empty containers.

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