Cuppa cuppa

CoffeeI love my coffee, and recently bought some Thomas Sweet coffee beans (a nice winey Ethiopian) at the Montgomery Farmers Market.  The Saturday market is in the Village Shopper in Skillman, on 206 across from ShopRite.

In the same center you’ll find Thomas Sweet’s new coffee and ice cream shop. Some day I’ll actually have enough leisure time to hang out in coffee shops and ice cream parlors – can’t wait! 

But for now, I enjoy my brew at home, and only in the morning.  During the week I make drip coffee, and in the summer I make it the night before and chill it.  The rest of the year I drink it hot, but, being a klutz in the morning, I load up the coffeemaker the night before and just flip the switch in the morning.  On weekends I switch to the French press method, using a slightly coarser grind. 

Note the pretty majolica style mug.  I bought it from one of the many artisans, Atelier Marla, represented on, which is becoming my main source for gift shopping.  And that inevitably includes gifts to myself too.  So far I’ve had great luck, very reasonable shipping (even from Canada), and only pleasant interactions with the sellers represented on this site.  I’ve always had a weekness for ceramics, so will have to try to restrain myself.

One thought on “Cuppa cuppa

  1. Good for you for the plug for Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturday, Faith! Montgomery is a dear town with a long agrarian history, that has been subsumed by development in recent years.

    Their Montgomery Friends of Open Space meets here at D&R Greenway each month, and a very determined and effective group of volunteers they are, too.

    This Market is ‘their baby’, and I, for one, am glad they’ve switched sites and days, to Saturdays. I wish them well, and your boost will bring them new people.

    Merci bien! Carolyn

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