Pot Pie

Twin Hens pieEven in the summer I crave the occasional pot pie.  The cute number pictured here is the newest member of the Twin Hens family, a vegetarian pie.  It’s not on their website yet, but you’ll find it in local stores.  Twin Hens is owned by two locals, Linda Twining and Kathy Herring, moms who have been professional caterers.  They pride themselves on using natural, often organic, ingredients to create a product that you would want to make in your own kitchen if you only had the time.

I am usually the last person to seek out a vegetarian meal (to my Dr.’s despair), but I really enjoyed this mildly spicy mixture of corn, beans, zucchini, and a touch of brown rice, with a nice melty cheese top.  And the crust was flaky, very important! 

They also make chicken pot pie, and I’m a particular fan of their beef pot pie with a polenta crust, which also happens to be gluten free.  You’ll find these in local markets, of course.

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