Pies for Schools

Griggstown Farm storeThis is the time of year that parents start planning school fundraisers, and sometimes that means pies and cheesecakes.  But instead of so-so products, how about something really good for a change, something local and wholesome, and something that people will purchase because they want to, not just out of obligation?

Your school, I recently learned from my weekly Griggstown Farm Market email newsletter, can sell Griggstown pies – sweet or savory.  What a great idea!  Their fruit pies are delicious, and I’ve long favored their chicken pot pies because they have interesting vegetables in them, like parsnip and fennel (in addition to the more standard veggies, of course).  They’ll sell to your group wholesale; you set the retail price.  And they deliver the frozen, uncooked pies to your designated location the date your customers will pick them up.  This is, of course, just in time for holidays, so I’m gonna clear out some space in my freezer and wait for your kid to knock on my door!

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