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Pies for Schools

This is the time of year that parents start planning school fundraisers, and sometimes that means pies and cheesecakes.  But instead of so-so products, how about something really good for a change, something local and wholesome, and something that people will purchase because they want to, not just out of obligation? Your school, I recently learned … Continue reading

The Next Foodie Bestseller?

My friend Barbara J. Smith has just published her first book, A Surprise for Grandmother Rabbit.  As you can see, it’s clearly about FOOD.  Okay, okay, the food is somewhat incidental, but the story, about Skipper the rabbit’s journey to his grandmother’s house bearing a cherry pie, is adorable, and provides a sweet lesson to little … Continue reading

Faux Food

You just never know when and where you might learn something interesting about food. I’d heard of mock apple pie, but never really gave it much thought.  Until, that is, I ran across a recent article in Chemical & Engineering News Weekly, when I was looking for information on online recruitment advertising for my day … Continue reading

Cutie Pie

This cute-as-a-button peach pie is from the Saturday Montgomery Farmers Market.  It’s made by Just Made Bakery, the on-site bakery at Tree-Licious Orchards.  The Tree-Licious table of course has lovely peaches, plums, apricots, etc. this time of year, but it was the pie that caught my eye.  And it’s not just good looks; it tastes … Continue reading

Pie Mania

You’ve heard about “List mania”?  Well, I have had a bad case of pie mania for quite a few years now, sparked by my discovery of Penza’s Pies, on Route 206 South in Hammonton.  I had my “pie ephiphany,” as I called it at the time, after happening upon Evelyn Penza’s Red Barn Cafe about eight years … Continue reading