Simply Nic’s New Flavors

Simply Nic'sSimply Nic’s artisanal shortbread bars won our hearts from the first bite.  Baker Nicole Wilkins Bergman started with two flavors, Rosemary and Lavender.  She hit the local farmers markets and quickly built a stong customer base. 

By now she has added several new flavors, such as the Orange Spice and Pumpkin Spice you see here.  In between came my favorite so far, Cardamom-Candied Ginger (I like the pieces of ginger), and on the website I also just spied Espresso-Vanilla Bean. 

A couple of flavors are only available locally (now I feel special!), but you can mail order the rest if you don’t live nearby.  They do freeze well, so don’t worry about ordering too much.  You can also order these by the half-sheet (perfect for that holiday brunch!) and as special party or wedding favors.  Nic, thank you for making life a little sweeter!

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