bulgogiOne of the first things I discovered at the new Trader Joe’s was the refrigerated pre-marinated beef for Korean bulgogi.  I’ve enjoyed this dish for years, and even without a grill, it turns out fine on my ridged stovetop pan, although I do miss the char-grilled taste of the real thing.  The Trader Joe’s version is a fine short cut.  The beef is tender, and the marinade is mildy seasoned and not too salty, especially when served with rice (cellophane noodles would be good, too).

It’s perfect for nights when I don’t have much time.  Sometimes on a Sunday evening I’ll cook up a batch of my favorite organic brown jasmine rice, as pictured here, and then use it up during the week with simple dishes like the bulgogi or a quick curry. 

You can add sliced scallion, shitake mushrooms, garlic, what have you, to the pan, too, but most nights I end up just having it “neat,” with a salad or Asian slaw on the side.

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