Plantain Chips=Yum

chipsGrab ‘Em Snacks’  plantain chips easily passed a taste test with my co-workers last week.  I was given three flavors to try by a representative of the Hillsborough-based company (thanks Timothy!) – Sea Salt Goodness, Fire-Me-Up Red Chile, and Cinful Cinnamon. 

They come in a several other flavors, too, and are currently available at Pennington Market and Fountain of Vitality (Hillsborough) in our area (and up and down the east coast, out west and in Illinois, Texas and Hawaii.  (A full list of locations with addresses is on the website.) 

They are delicious, I kid you not, one of the more addictive snacks I’ve sampled lately.  Whole Foods should pick these up, if they can make them fast enough!

The ingredients (which are few) are all-natural, no preservatives or fake anything and they’re fried in safflower oil.  I had a comment sheet for my co-workers, and they noted things like “really good,” “crunchy,” “yum,” and “great!”  The Red Chile was quite spicy – “Great kick!” “Excellent!”

They look nice too, as they are cut lengthwise into curling ribbons, instead of small rounds.  Try some next time you have company over – can you say Super Bowl?

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