Meat Meeting

Symposium BannerDeborah Peterson, one of our area’s top experts on historic foodways (visit her website for all sorts of interesting information and products), has sent me an announcement of a great event for the historical set – Registration is now open for “Meat…for the use of the table,” a symposium on Saturday, February 27 (9:00am – 7:30pm), at Pennsbury Manor, Morrisville , PA.

This will be a full day of engaging speakers presenting on topics sure to interest those involved with open-hearth cooking, historic sites, or 18th century everyday life.

~ Of Turtles, Catfish, & Other Great Philadelphia Foods: The Archaeology of Philadelphia ‘s Culinary Past, 1750-1850 – Teagan Schweitzer, Ph.D. candidate- Univ. of Penn. Learn about the foods people actually ate and how they obtained and prepared these foods in colonial and federal Philadelphia based on archaeological evidence and documentary research.

~ Domestic Animals in Colonial North America– Barbara Corson, VMD. Gain a better understanding of the domesticated animals typically found on farms in the Colonies during the 18th century.

~ Double Session: 18th & 19th Century Hog & Beef Butchering and Meat Preservation Before Refrigeration– Dave Miller, Historian & Butcher. This double session will explore the varied history of large animal butchering and general meat preservation typical in this region during the 18th and 19th centuries.

For more information and to register.  For lodging (special package).

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