Bye Bye KFC-Hello Halal

KFC extra crispy

No more KFC Extra Crispy, as pictured here.  The Kentucky Fried Chicken place in Franklin Park has been replaced by a Chicken Factory Plus, a halal fast food restaurant serving fried and roasted chicken, cheese steaks, gyros, sausages, and fish dinners. Located at 3221 Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823 (Route 27 & Beekman Rd near the CVS Shopping Plaza. Open Mon – Sun: 10:45 am – 9:30 pm).

Kinda cool, actually, and it’s right next door to the Indian fast food restaurant Bangalore Express. 

And if you’re generally interested in exploring Indian restaurants up Route 27, as I am, there’s a great listing at Chowhound.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye KFC-Hello Halal

  1. Yup, I noticed that the KFC had been replaced with a Chicken Factory several months ago. Quite a shock to me, as I was looking forward to a KFC Snacker at the time I stopped by.

  2. Ah, Faith, one never knows where your curiosity and palate will take us!

    It sounds as though I should know what ‘halal’ means, though, and I don’t…

    enlightenment welcome

    is this a healthier choice?

    hope so! esp. after weeks engrossed in food and environment films at Princeton Public Library!

    I’m learning, I’m learning- there is more to food than taste!

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