Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-InIf you haven’t been to an old-fashioned burger stand drive-in lately, the kind with car hops on rollerskates, wait no more, Sonic Drive-In is here.  The national chain of 50s retro drive-ins has opened in Franklin Park and was doing a brisk business on Saturday afternoon when I visited.

As I drove in, I was directed to an open stall, where I read the menu board,  pressed a red button, and ordered over the intercom.  In just minutes a young server arrived with my order and took my cash (there’s a credit card swiper on the order board, too).  He returned a few minutes later to offer extra condiments from a tray, not needed, but a nice touch (tipping is in order here).


Sonic foodI ordered a California burger, lured by the Thousand Island dressing, although I’m not normally a fan of cold produce on my hot burger, and added a medium order of onion rings.  The burger was a good fast food burger.  (Maybe someday they’ll see their way to “naturally” raised beef?)  The onion rings were quite good, with a touch of sweetness on the crunchy breading.

I thought that was enough “sin” so just had a cup of water with my order, but plan to return to try their extensive beverage offerings, which include many flavors of shakes and malts, floats, blends, slushies, limeades, java drinks, smoothies, etc.  Quite a selection of beverages, clearly a specialty of theirs, and you can try them at half price during the afternoon Happy Hours of 2-4 pm.  Now when I’m heading home down Rte. 27, not having had lunch, as seems to often be the the case with my weekend wanderings, I have a place to stop off for a caramel shake or a chocolate malted.  Ahhhh!

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