Blue Corn Enchiladas

Blue Corn EnchiladasI love Mexican food, but for some reason haven’t been cooking it much lately.  However, the other night some leftover steak in the fridge and a can of refried black beans got me inspired to make these flat enchiladas from blue corn tortillas (Whole Foods) I had stashed in the freezer. 

The cheese was pepperjack (round slices from Trader Joe’s), and the enchilada sauce was jarred.  That was a disappointment to me, however.  It looks great, but was far too tomato-y (and a little too salty).  So that brand, whose products are normally a good bet, shall go un-named.  The very next night I got out some of my good Chimayo chile powder and made real enchilada sauce, the kind with little or no tomato sauce (in this case, none).

I suspect that most Easterners do prefer a tomato-y enchilada sauce, but I like, at most, maybe a few tablespoons of tomato sauce in a 2-cup batch of enchilada sauce.  And don’t get me started on Mexican restaurants that put out a mostly tomato enchilada sauce.  Folks, it ain’t real. That stuff belongs on pasta.

4 thoughts on “Blue Corn Enchiladas

  1. After reading this I found blue corn taco shells at WF last night. In what section are the blue corn tortillas? Can’t wait to try a vegetarian, tomato-less version of this!

  2. I found the tortillas with the other tortillas in the refrigerated cases along the back of the store. But if you didn’t see them there, maybe they stopped carrying them and we should pester the customer service desk? I’ve also been fruitlessly looking for hominy lately, canned or frozen, so I can make posole.

  3. Faith.
    I have found canned hominy at ShopRite in Montgomery, in their international food aisle, on the very bottom shelf. Please print your recipe for non tomato enchillada sauce, I too dislike the tomatoey ones.


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