Baba au Rhum

BabaThis would’ve been really good if it had actual liquor in the soaking liquid, as traditional babas do.  But of course you can’t do that at ShopRite, so no dice.

But it still wasn’t bad, and an unusual item to find in a supermarket setting.  Every now and then ShopRite surprises me.

I fell for it because of the Limoncello version that Lidia Bastianich makes, having seen that on PBS more than once. My mouth is watering by the time she and her mother bite into those!

One thought on “Baba au Rhum

  1. A limoncello version sounds great. Perhaps with some grated lemon peel or a touch of ginger in the custard? I haven’t seen her version, but babas are a favorite of mine. Always used to get them at Cafe Roma in Little Italy.

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