Confectionately Yours

ice creamI’ve been meaning to try out this family-run place in Franklin Park for some time now, and while I haven’t eaten there yet, did stop in for ice cream (they make their own) the other day. At left you see rocky road, cashew turtle, and black forest.  All delicious.

They were right on Route 27 for years, a nice little ice cream shop/candy store, with a devoted local following.  Then they moved into the mall anchored by Stein Mart and became a “real” restaurant with a menu that is so reasonable it really is like a throwback candy store cum coffee shop. 

They still sell chocolates and ice cream, and you can sit on diner stools and enjoy your treat just like an old fashioned soda shop.  But now there are booths and table service, too.  There are lots of starters and appetizer items ($6-$8), soups, salads (topping out at $11, with shrimp), burgers ($10 max) and sandwiches (grilled cheee $5, hot pastrami, $8).  There is a selection of more typical entrées, too, topping out at $16 for salmon.

All your classic favorites are here. and when I stopped in for the ice cream, the place was bustling with patrons of all ages and many ethnicities.  It had that friendly, wholesome ambiance that you just don’t find so easily anymore.  There is even a gift shop in the back, so you could take care of all your party needs here, plus have lunch or dinner. 

(Confectionately Yours, 3185 State Route 27 [southbound side], Franklin Park, NJ 08823, 732-821-6863, no apparent website. Open for lunch and dinner 10am to 10pm Mon-Sat, 10am-9pm Sun.)

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