Stood up! (but in a most delicious way)

MoCMoC sushi

My friend had emailed me midday to cancel our dinner at the new MoCMoC Sushi in Princeton. But the email didn’t get through, and there I sat, getting hungrier and hungrier, and without a way to reach her (outdated cell phone number).

I broke down and ordered a shrimp and vegetable tempura appetizer.  Demolished that, and by then she was a good 45 minutes late and I was getting worried.  Longingly, I eyed a gorgeous platter of sashimi and sushi delivered a nearby table.

But I was eager to go home and call my friend at her home, so I gave up thoughts of the broiled eel and chirashi I’d had on my mind, and ordered two rolls to go instead, a spicy tuna and an eel-avocado.  (Normally I’m not a big fan of rolls.)  Dashed home, called my friend (who called me later to explain the mixup), and then dug into dinner.  It was all quite good, and I’m eager to reschedule our dinner at MoCMoC. The staff there was gracious and welcoming, and this little adventure reminded me that it can be quite pleasant to take yourself (and something to read) out to eat alone, when the restaurant is as cozily pleasant as this one.  (p.s. It’s pronounced “mo-shee mo-shee.”)

2 thoughts on “Stood up! (but in a most delicious way)

  1. Read your experience at MoCMoC and though I heard it first hand at lunch with Faith, reading the article made the eating experince that more enriched and had my mouth watering for the food pictured on the screen.
    What a difficult life she has!

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