Plum Tart

Sarah's Plum Tart

This pretty plum tart was made by my nephew Patrick’s fiancée, Sarah, using the recipe in a cookbook I gave them, Canal House Cooking (Vol. 1). 

These two are “living the dream” on the Upper West Side, with Fairway Market not too far away, along with plenty of other good food destinations.  It’s so exciting to live and work in the city, and I am thrilled that they have been able to do this while they’re young (and who knows, they may continue to do so for years, of course). 

They seem to me to be very discerning, and able to enjoy a good life on a budget.  I used to despair, thinking my nephew would never outgrow his childhood love of chicken nuggets and the like – but parents, take heart!  He has turned out to be quite the foodie, and enjoyes a much wider variety of foods than he used to.  We had a great time in Florence together a few years ago, and I can tell that each time he and Sarah travel, their horizons, both culinary and cultural, widen.  And my niece Arica, Patrick’s younger sister , is now becoming one of my better restaurant reviewing companions, thanks in part to her hospitality studies and work in a restaurant.  It must be in the genes!

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