Bobolink Veal

veal chopNot that this delicious veal chop from Bobolink Dairy‘s grassfed herd needed any help with flavor, but I’ve been on this anchovy and caper binge, and that seemed a perfect touch for this dish, since I didn’t have an outside grill to lend it a charry flavor.

So I broiled the chops inside on an evening slightly less hot than others (not that any of our days or nights are comfortable lately), when I longed for a real “cooked” dinner.

Preparation was simple. I coated the meat with olive oil, and salt and pepper. While the broiler heated up, I melted a pat of butter and some olive oil in a small skillet, then added chopped garlic and oil-cured anchovy fillets. As the garlic softened over medium heat, the anchovy melted into it.  Then I threw in a tablespoon or so of rinsed salt-cured capers.  At the end, a good squeeze of lemon juice.

Then I broiled the chops, just a few minutes per side, and spooned on the sauce that was still warm on the stove.  Well, it was delicious.  I had some leftover mixed veggies on the side and a crisp Caesar salad that echoed that anchovy flavor.

Bobolink Dairy has recently moved closer to us, down to Hunterdon County, so I’m hoping to find them more at local farmers markets, as it’s a bit of a reach for me to get to the Sunday market in Stockton.  Their cheeses are amazing. Their breads are excellent, too, alhough they don’t have their bread oven rebuilt yet, so no bread is being baked at present. 

Bobolink owners Jonathan and Nina White worked with the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance to preserve the Stamets Farm, which had so far been farmed by only two families since the American Revolution.  A delicious act of conservation to be sure!

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