Wedding Cake

Diane Michelle CakesSince you likely don’t know my nephew and his bride, who married last weekend, I am sharing a photo (left) with universal appeal – the beautiful cake that was made by the bride’s sister-in-law, pastry chef Diane Fehder, of Diane Michelle Cakes.  Diane’s talent is obvious from this photo, and from what you’ll see on her website.  But right after the bride and groom cut the cake, I had to run for my ride home, so I didn’t get to taste the lemon pound cake with lemon butter cream and raspberry filling.

But before cake, there were individual desserts – when did they start doing that, I thought the cake was the dessert – and mine (below) was a winner.  A brown butter rhubarb tartlet with elderflower chantilly (softly whipped cream) and lavender Anglaise.  Elderflower is a trendy flavor right now, and its light floral essence played beautifully in that whipped cream.Rhubarb tartlet-Terrace in the Sky

The wedding was at Terrace in the Sky (who did all the food other than the cake), in Manhattan, with million-dollar views.  A gorgeous setting for a happy, happy day.

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