What’s cooking at MCCC

Whether for yourself, you and a few friends, or for a gift, how about signing up for some cooking classes at Mercer County Community College’s Center of Continuing Studies?  They have a wonderful professional kitchen; I loved the cheesemaking class I took last fall with Frank Campione. 

The fall classes listed below currently have spaces available. Please call 609-570-3311 to register. Click on “More” to read on and and enjoy learning something new in a congenial group!

Knife Skills II

Demonstration and Hands on

This class has some meat to it … and some poultry! Each person will learn how to break down a chicken like a pro. Our chef will demonstrate how to fabricate a beef tenderloin, a whole turkey and a whole pork loin. Before you go, you will know how to fabricate and cook each one. (Knife skills basic class recommended, not required.)

Tuition and fees: $65 (tuition $22; fees $43)

XCU677-091116 Oct 23, 1 session Sa 2-5pm, Chef Bill Conrad

Holiday Gifts from Your Kitchen!

Nothing says “I love you” more than a homemade gift from your own kitchen. You can create simple, wonderful items that will delight all – neighbors, teachers, family and friends. Learn how to make: reindeer food, gingerbread “buttons,” Christmas tree almond butter cakes, homemade granola and chocolate bark and then add charming ideas for wrapping and giving.

Tuition and fees: $59 (tuition $25; fees $34)

XCU629-091137 Oct 29, 1 session F 6:30-9:30pm, Chef Carol Maxwell

Dolci, Dolci, Italian Desserts

“The Legal Gourmet” is pleased to present his Dolci, Dolci, Italian Desserts cooking class. This class will feature some of the classic Italian desserts found throughout the many regions of Italy, along with a wonderful Italian dessert created by Chef Frank called “Italian Ricotta Cheesecake alla Moda Campione,” “Mousse Cioccolato di Innamorati,” an incredible Italian Anisette Sponge Cake al Campione and the roving Ambassador of all Italian desserts, the one and only “Zabaglione.”

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU633-091122 Oct 30, 1 session Sa 2-5pm, Frank A. Campione

Holiday Candymaking

Candymaking is simple and fun! Learn how to make a variety of candies for the holidays, including Torrone (Italian nougat candy), nut brittles, shaped marshmallows, espresso truffles, and other goodies.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU654-091126 Oct 30, 1 session Sa 9am-12pm, Chef Beth Dinice


This class will “cut” through the confusion often associated with choosing the proper cut of meat. You will learn how to professionally match up cooking techniques and recipes with appropriate cuts and types of meats.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU678-091118 Nov 6, 1 session Sa 9am-12pm, Chef Bill Conrad

Thanksgiving 101: The Ultimate Turkey and Trimmings Class

Learn how to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving turkey with expert advice and demonstration from Chef Bill Conrad. After this class, your holiday turkey will rule the roost when you make it at home with all the accompaniments that go along with this dinner.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU605-091130 Nov 6, 1 session Sa 1:30-4:30pm, Chef Bill Conrad

International Smoke House and Pickling

This class will have you making green teas, smoked duck breast, and Norwegian Lox Salmon. We will also make smoked fish including scallops and shrimp. We will also smoke pork loin and pickle mushroom, cucumber and vegetables. What you learn here you can recreate in your own kitchen without special equipment.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU784-091131 Nov 7, 1 session Su 1-4pm, Chef Benson Yu


Learn from an expert how to approach and prepare many different types of fish and cooking methods. This is a HOW-TO class that covers selecting the best to serving the best: fresh and saltwater fish from salmon and trout to red snapper. After this class, expect your future preparations of fish dishes to go along swimmingly.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU620-091119 Nov 13, 1 session Sa 9am-12pm, Chef Bill Conrad

Italian Wine and Dinner Pairings

(Participants must be 21 years of age and be prepared to show ID.)

In this class we will discuss and taste our way through the wines and flavors of Italy. You will learn how to bring out the best of both your food and wine by pairing them appropriately.

Tuition and fees: $73 (tuition $25; fees & licensing $48)

XCU622-091096 Nov 13, 1 session Sa 2-5pm, Frank A. Campione

Thanksgiving Pie Workshop

We will create two holiday desserts for your harvest table. Learn how to make a wonderful, fail-proof pie crust (in the food processor) that anyone can master. You will create an outrageously good pumpkin pie and Cranberry Walnut Tart and then learn how to plate your creations with homemade caramel sauce and ginger whipped cream.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU665-091136 Nov 19, 1 session F 6:30-9:30pm, Chef Carol Maxwell

More Holiday Candymaking

This course will cover spun sugar, nougat, and working with chocolate for molded and filled candies. There is no requirement for this course other than the desire to make and enjoy great candy!

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU664-091127 Nov 20, 1 session Sa 9am-12pm, Chef Beth Dinice

Traditional Italian Christmas Desserts

Delight your family and friends this holiday season with some traditional luscious Italian desserts you create! Join us for a fun-filled afternoon as we make and enjoy a wonderful Chocolate Soup Dessert with Christmas Panettone, Roasted Chestnuts al Chef Campione, Pizzelles and Stuffoli (Christmas Honey Balls).

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU602-091120 Dec 4, 1 session Sa 2-5pm, Frank A. Campione

Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Fish Dinner

A great Italian holiday tradition that we will explore, prepare and taste together. Learn some helpful hints from our Italian expert chef as you prepare various fish and shellfish following authentic Italian traditions.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU680-091097 Dec 11, 1 session Sa 2-5pm, Frank A. Campione
Your Palace or Mine? Authentic Indian Cuisine

These classes will put you in touch with authentic cooking styles of India! Come and take an authentic culinary tour. This journey will explore food served in the palace and around it. So, invite your friends over and impress them with your authentic Indian cuisine.

Smooth to Crisp …. Authentically India

This menu includes Mango Lassi (refreshing mango and yogurt smoothie).and Malai Kofta (fried potato and cheese ball in creamy rich gravy). We will also prepare crispy okra, accompanied by plain parantha, a shallow fried bread and yogurt dip.

Tuition and fees: $68 (tuition $25; fees $43)

XCU774-091135 Dec 10, 1 session F 6:30-9:30pm, Chef Mamta Puri

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