Speaking of McCaffrey’s (see previous post), when I was there a couple weeks ago, I saw bluefish at the fish counter and couldn’t resist bringing a piece home.  Compared to other fish, bluefish is cheap, under $10 a pound.  Some don’t care for its stronger flavor, but I love it.

My father used to catch tons of bluefish with his fishing buddies off Long Beach Island, with Rocky at the helm of his party boat.  Some of those crazy guys still go out, I believe.  I seem to remember that John McPhee even went with them once or twice.

My mother used to broil the fish with lemon butter, but at one point my parents discovered that it was quite tasty with a coating of mayo mixed with horseradish (so is swordfish).  So that’s what I did here. I only had light mayonnaise, but it still held together, and actually puffed up and browned quite nicely, if I do say so.  It looks like there is a lot on there, but there really wasn’t.

On the side you see garnet yam, sliced and sprinked with masala spices and olive oil, and baked at 400°. I didn’t to peel it; it was organic so I felt a scrubbing was adequate.  Once I turned on the broiler in my electric oven (wish it was gas), I just slid the potato pan under the broiler pan with the fish.  The potatoes didn’t get crispy, but they didn’t burn either, so I was happy with the result.

3 thoughts on “Bluefish

  1. I love bluefish. Years ago someone told me to spread dijon mustard on the top before broiling, so that’s all I do!

  2. Bluefish! Oh, does that bring back memories of my uncle, Charlie Simone, bringing back a huge catch from the Jersey shore! My mom usually sauteed it with lots of lemon, but there are so many more possibilities. I love the mayo and horseradish idea. I don’t even know if bluefish swim out here on the left coast, but next time I get back east I’ll be sure to try the mayo and horseradish approach! I’ll bet it would be great with a mixture of grilled apples and fennel.

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