Lobster & Cookies

Lobster with Browned CreamThis was a great Christmas Eve dinner, on an evening I was home finishing up preparations for Christmas Day.  I made a lazy cook’s version of the Lobster with Browned Cream from the Fall/Holiday edition of Canal House Cooking.  (That’s the one with the blue cover, snap one up while you can.)

Instead of dealing with the whole lobster, I cheated and bought a frozen lobster tail.  I steamed it for just a few minutes, and then pried the meat from the shell. Even though I had cut through the underside first, it was still a bit of a struggle, and I had several little nicks on my fingers in the end (those darned Brazilian lobster tails you buy frozen have very sharp points along the sides of the tails.)

Then I put the cut up meat in a buttered individual gratin dish and poured really good Trickling Springs Creamery organic heavy cream around it and dotted it with butter.  Truffle butter.  Couldn’t resist that fillip, since I had it on hand.

I broiled it for about 8 minutes, not too close to the broiler, and enjoyed it immensely with a salad and some saffron rice.  That was a heavenly dinner, and really didn’t take much time.  You could prep this and get it all ready for a New Year’s eve dinner, and still enjoy time with your guests.  Or just your honey.

And for dessert, I had delicious cookies from my my sister-in-law, who is one mean cook herself.  Thank you Elaine!


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