Moroccan Scallops

Moroccan ScallopsI had scallops in the freezer, just taking up space. What was I waiting for?

I also had some cooked lentils to use up. A quick google for “scallops” and “lentils” turned up a recipe on good old Epicurious for Moroccan spiced scallops on a bed of lentils.

Hmmm, I did have some fragrant Ras al Hanout spice blend at home, that I’d ordered  – from amazon! – for my nephew and for myself at holidays (along with some Harissa I haven’t tried yet).

So I substituted the Ras al Hanout blend for the individual spices, and added some to the lentils as I reheated them (with some shopped shallot), and dusted the scallops with some more before quickly sautéeing them in olive oil.  So quick, so easy, so yummy!

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