No, no, Mark, say it ain’t so!

I’m in shock.  Today marks the end of Mark Bittman’s Minimalist Column in the New York Times.  Mark, Mark, how will we continue without you?

Well, it won’t be cold turkey, fortunately.  We’ll still find him in the Opinion section (where he will advocate for good food practices and policies), and also, he assures us, in a weekly recipe column in the Sunday Magazine, starting in March. (Gee, this might mean I finally cook some of those Magazine recipes, which, while often interesting to read, have seldom propelled me into the kitchen.)

Mark, you have been my (and millions of others) faithful companion in the kitchen since your column started in 1997.  You have done yeoman’s duty in teaching us how to enjoy “spontaneous weeknight cooking,” as you put it when I was privileged to interview you for an appearance you made at Wegmans in 2001. 

I’ll bet you’re looking foward to a change of pace, I know it can be hard to crank out the same column, year after year after year, but you always sounded excited about your topic.  We owe you a world of thanks.  Really, you have made my own time in the kitchen a joyful thing.

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