Lucy’s got some ‘splaining to do!

Lucy at Robinson'sSeen at Robinson’s Fine Candies in the Montgomery Shopping Center – this gorgeous vintage Barbie set of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory! (No, it’s not for sale.)

They’ve also got a sweet Lucy clock, and, in back of the counter, an old-fashioned conveyer belt, just like the one in the hilarious I Love Lucy episode, that you can see in action on Saturdays. And, oh yeah, great chocolates, hand dipped on premises!

I was there last night buying Valentine’s chocolate for Dad, and loved the nice, personal service.  Their chocolates look great, and the ones I took home for myself (only 4 pieces, honest!) were delcious – I tried two each of two similar kinds, because I was so intrigued to find both “sponge” and “molasses crisp.”  They seemed quite similar, although one (the crisp?) was a little thicker than the other. Both were enrobed in delicious dark chocolate (milk also availalble).

Robinson’s flavors are fairly traditional, I didn’t see thyme, chili, or balsamic, those kinds of flavors. But they have all ones we grew up loving and more.  The truffles looked sublime, too.  Nut clusters also looked quite good.  It really is an impressive selection!

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