Money in the Bank

Squash and rutabagaMy father used to refer to leftovers as “money in the bank.”

While it became a family sport to tease him about his somewhat obsessive attachment to old food in the fridge and freezer, I have to agree with him in principal.

Which is why I scooped up packages of cut up butternut squash and rutabagas on a Sunday visit to Wegmans recently, and threw it all in the oven to roast with olive oil and sage.  Other times it might be cauliflower florets, so good roasted with whole garlic cloves, or maybe I’ll just steam a crown of broccoli, or whatever mixed vegetables appeal to me.  That way, on the weeknights that follow, I have no excuses to skip having a portion or two of vegetables on my dinner plate.

The vegetables are also excellent mixed in with pasta for a meatless dinner, and no matter what, it seems that every last bit gets used up by the end of the week.

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