More Convenience Food

Pereg FoodsI found these Pereg Spices products at Shop Rite on Sunday, and was pleasantly surprised by that.  ShopRite is the closest market to me, but I always wish I could blink my eyes (just like I Dream of Jeannie!) and turn them into a Wegmans or Whole Foods, although Shop Rite prices are generally low. But, as we are learning the hard way, cheap food is not in and of itself a credible goal anymore.

But these are low to no added salt, they are packed with fiber and the ingredients are pretty much stuff you might cook with yourself. So I will look forward to trying the quinoa with veggies and Italian  seasonings, and the nut-brown whole wheat couscous with mushrooms and onions, when I need a side dish in a rush, or maybe lunch for work – I suspect either one of these could be enjoyed at room temperature, too.  Way to go Shop Rite!

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