Chorizo and eggs with black beans

chorizo with eggsI don’t know why I haven’t been cooking more Mexican food at home, but when I remembered I had chorizo, the spicy fresh Mexican sausage (not to be confused with the cured Spanish kind), in the freezer I decided to get crackin’.  Eggs that is.

Chorizo and eggs is a wonderful breakfast dish, but I had this for dinner.  First I took the chorizo out of the casing (I’d rather buy it loose in the first place, but can never find it). I browned it as I crumbled it up and set it aside on a paper towel to absorb the fat.

Then I lightly fried a corn tortilla in a little oil, just until it started to get crispy.  I put it on a plate, spread some refried black beans on that, sprinkled on some cooked chorizo, then some melting cheese (mozzarella, because I needed to use it up, but Jack is my usual preference).  I heated that up briefly in the oven, and popped a freshly fried egg (used olive oil) on top.  I had some green salsa on the side.  Voilà!  Ecco!  Or whatever they say in Spanish, which is what I should have studied in high school instead of French…

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