Cheating the season with tomato salad

tomato saladI was desperate for a taste of summer. So I bought the reddest tomato I could find in whatever market I was in that day, and let it ripen an extra day at home.

Then I cut it up, sprinkled it with feta and olive oil and ate the whole thing.  I almost fooled myself, although of course this was no Jersey Fresh tomato in full season.

I barely buy tomatoes at all in winter anymore, although I occasionally spring for a yellow/red heirloom at the Whole Earth Center, or a little box of grape or cherry tomatoes.  And occasionally I just have to have a slice of tomato in a grilled cheese sandwich, regardless of the season (watch The Packet for an upcoming In The Kitchen column about all that on May 6).

Okay, now I’ll go enjoy some asparagus, instead, because they really are in season here!

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