RSA @ Tre Piani (And Summer of Lobster)

Lobster risottoI so enjoyed the Restaurant Supported Agriculture dinner at Tre Piani on Friday night, part of a summer long series of locally sourced dinners.  (If you’re eyeing that lobster, see the bottom for details on that!)

I bought a set of 5 Passports (i.e. 5 dinners), which brought the already reasonable $35 per down to just $30, for 3 delicious courses.  Two friends came along, so I have two Passports left for whenever the mood strikes me.  (These dinners are $45 at the door, if available, but the idea is that you buy your Passports ahead of time, and then let them know when you plan to come so they can plan accordingly.)

Our menu: First Course – Choice of Vichyssoise or Micro Greens with Roasted Beets, Apple, Feta Cheese, Toasted Almonds and Jersey Tomato Vinaigrette (salad pictured below left, and it was fantastic, full of crbeet-apple saladunch and flavor);

Entrées: Choice of Barnegat Flounder with Asparagus and Boiled New Potatoes (bottom left);

Pasture Raised Chicken Breast alla Milanese with Sautéed Spinach, Garlic and Olive Oil (below left); or

Linguine with Arugula, Sea Scallops and Spring Garlic (below right, and I have to say the garlic, which was caramelized, was unbelievably sweet!)

Dessert was Fresh Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar and Mint.

Now, you may wonder what’s with the lobster photo at the top?  Well, they couldn’t resist showing us one of the new summer dishes on the regular menu, a gorgeous lobster risotto, which is served with a whole, split lobster.  Oh my!  I hereby proclaim this the Summer of Lobster – I think we’ll see more of it than ever before on restaurant menus.   Scallops-Linguine

Chicken MilaneseBarnegat flounder








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