My Life Passes Before Your Eyes

sam and pastaOkay, not so much my life, but my parents’ lives, will be on display at the December 9 and 10 Estate Sale at their house in Rocky Hill.  As I type, the Dusty Old Bags team (they are amazing!) are going through the tons of stuff there, pulling things out of closets and drawers and preparing for this sale.  My mother had exceptional taste, and my nephew and I, especially, share her appreciation of mid-century modern design.  So I am now the proud owner of some of her Danish teak furniture and kitchen and entertaining items, but there is a lot more there to pore over if you too liked that era, such as the Plycraft chair and footrest pictured below.

And my father, the king of the kitchen, had so much equipment that you could probably outfit two or three kitchens with it all.  The photo above is from a pasta-making session many years ago, he hung the strands off the (custom-made and for sale) candelabra to dry, and he and my mother had fun setting up their inventory of wine and taking a playful photo.Plycraft Chair I think this was during their Chateau Lucerne “era,” when I was living out west.  My mother thought their white jug wine was an amazing bargain, until she discovered Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio, and never looked at a jug wine again.

With my father comfortably ensconced in assisted living, and my brother and I more interested in cutting back our belongings than adding to to them, what else could we do?  Those who have been though this will understand our dilemma!  My niece and nephew took some things, we gave away and sold a few more ourselves, but in the end, there was so much that we could not dispose of ourselves, and with the house under contract, it was time to empty it, so a new young family can start a new life there, which, I must say, is a thought that gives me great pleasure, the circle of life and all that. Check out the Dusty Old Bags website and see if you can beat our neighbors in the door (there is even a video)!

Some people would be upset, or at least sad about this, but I find it mostly amusing, and know my mother would have appreciated the absurdity of it all.  It is a much needed reminder for me that I really can’t take it with me, which is why I am currently spending my Saturday afternoons “divesting” many of my own things, with the help of a fabulous Professional Organizer, Ellen Tozzi.

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