CocoaBee Honey Caramels

Cocoa Bee honey chocolatesThese were scrumptious!  I picked them up at Whole Foods, they are made by Donna & Company, New Jersey’s premier chocolatier.

They are honey caramels, and there are six flavors. Just like the Whitman’s sampler boxes from drug store chocolate days, there is a legend on the side depicting which is which, by the texture of the coating.

By the way, think you can guess the fillings in chocolates by looking at the outside?  I have long suspected there is a secret code used by European chocolatiers, where the little sqiggles and ripples on top are a clue to the filling. I can’t find anything offhand to substantiate that on the Internet, but if you like a good guessing game, check out the cute quiz on (sadly, a very slow site).

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