Gnocchi with Short Ribs at Metro North Grill

MN gnocchiWhat a pleasant surprise this dish at Metro North Grill in Princeton was!  I blush to admit it was my first time there.

It was one of three entrée choices at a recent family luncheon I attended in the private upstairs area, and even though I planned to cook short ribs at home that evening (which I had to use up, figuring I would eat those during the week), I ordered this anyway and was glad I did.

The meat was off the bone, mixed with sautéed mushrooms and wild mushroom sauce.  So it was a substantial dish, but the gnocchi were fortunately not heavy, ensuring it all worked out fine.  A little frizzled scallion on top was a nice touch, too.  I took about half home, and enjoyed those leftovers at work a couple days later – everybody wanted my lunch that day!  I am now officially on a short rib bender, the ones I made, with Rogue Chocolate Stout were also good, but, truth be told, no better than Metro North’s.

Our first course of salad with bleu cheese, walnuts, and cranberries was very good too, that salad was dressed perfectly with balsamic vinaigrette, i.e. not a bit over dressed.  Kudos!

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