Pi[e] Day – What, again??

Pi Day LogoThings are gearing up for Princeton’s Annual (third?) Pi Day, and once again geeky fun shall prevail during the March 9-11 & 14 festivities when all things 3.14… shall be celebrated.

Princeton owes a world of thank to two talented and enthusiasitc (okay, GENIUS!) organizers – and scads of volunteers I’m sure – for developing a fantastic community building event like this: Mimi Omiecinski of Princeton Tour Company and Joy Chen of JOYcards (that’s her groovy logo here).

There are tons of events to choose from (many both entertain and educate), or you can really get your geek on and attend them all (well, maybe except for one or two that overlap, so you’d have to clone yourself first to do that, or invent time travel or…)

Of course, I’m going to point out the two PIE related events, both on Sunday March 11:

1 – At 11:00am there is a Pie-Eating Contest in the upstairs dining area at McCaffrey’s Market in the Princeton Shopping Center.  There are various age catergories for kids and adults, and please register in advance by March 7.  Come out to cheer on the brave contestants.

2 – And at 2:30pm, 50 first-come first-appointed residents will be judges at the Pie Judging, which takes place at infini-T Cafe. The pies will be prepared by professional bakers, but YOU, the public, or at least the first 50 of you to arrive shall judge.  Judges will receive small samples of the professionally baked submissions and choose the winning pie!  As one of the pro-judges last year, I should warn you that even with small samples, you will quickly be on a flavor and sugar overload – my best advice is to practice, practice, practice!

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