Stuffed Pepper

Lucys stuffed pepperI’m always saying I’m not fond of stuffed vegetables, but when I saw this risotto-stuffed red pepper at Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen, it was just so darned appealing, with that layer of melted cheese on top.

I’ve probably never bought any prepared food there I didn’t like (usually a lot), so I took a chance on this for a work day lunch, and was glad I did.

stuffed pepper cut openWhen I cut it in half, the lovely filling was revealed, an elegantly white risotto flecked with bits of asparagus and other vegetables, and herbs.  I loved the clean-looking risotto, I always make mine with chicken stock and dried mushrooms, so it ends up quite brown. This was pristine white, with a delicate flavor.

I freely confess to not usually appreciating such subtle flavors, but in this case I “got” it. It would be worth making a batch of the risotto just to make the stuffed peppers, frankly.  It was as delicious as it was pretty, and my lunchmates oohed ad ahhed when they saw it.  But I didn’t share!

This could easily have made a light dinner with a salad on the side.

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