National Grilled Cheese Month

gc5April has been National Grilled Cheese month, but I’m only now getting to posting some of my own creations over the last few years.  Bon Appétit!


You may notice tomato is a given, I usually won’t make a grilled cheese sandwich without sliced tomato.  I also like to include bacon.  And, if I happen to have it on hand, chopped parsley. (I’ve been known to use dried…)

Sometimes I make the mistake of letting my attention wander from the skillet for a few moments too long.



My ridged panini press is pretty fool proof, it seems. The buns below are the whole wheat ciabatta from ShopRite.  Kind of “processed,” so a little too soft (darned dough conditioners), but still makes a satisfying grilled sandwich since the outside gets nice and crispy. gc6


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