Lunch at Za in Pennington

Za lunch remainsThis is what happens when I don’t have my wits about me!  The delicious soup and quiche I had at Za Restaurant a couple months ago drove all thoughts of photos and blogging out of my mind once it was put down in front of me.

The creamy dreamy tomato soup (with goat cheese if I remember correctly?) was gone in a flash, as was the equally delicious quiche Lorrraine. By the way, notice the dark crust on the quiche, no undercooked crust here – pale, underbaked pastry crusts are a pet peeve of mine.

While my friend and I chatted and ate, I was admiring the view out the window of their newly renovated and expanded space. There was a rusty lichen-y looking old water tower, with rivited seams and a screen of berried twigs between it and the window. There was another forlorn  abondoned structure a few feet away. I found it picturesque, but my friend wondered if it all shouldn’t be removed.  Turns out, Za chef/co-owner Mark Valenza told us, that it was used for fire department practice in years by.  A little local history, that, for now at least, seems to deserve to stay.

Za water tower

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