Almond Nirvana

Almond Crunch Cream CakeWhile I’m not usually a fan of the prepared desserts offered in the supermarket bakery department, I have a soft spot for this Almond Crunch Cream Cake found at ShopRite.  Yes, the ingredient list is long, but that’s because of the many components in the dish, which is much like a tiramisu, only with an emphasis on almond flavor.

Lady fingers – check. Mascarpone – check.  Plus cream and eggs.  And from there it heads for the pronounced almond flavor found in crushed amaretti cookies.  Think of those toasted almond ice cream bars of your youth.  Only instead of a crunchy almond layer coating so-so ice cream, here it tops this rich, creamy, liquor-y tasting concoction.  Tiramisu never had it so good!

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