Sick Room Food

Miche with Choco Peanut ButterI wasn’t exactly sick, but felt so done-in by the heat one day that I stayed in and hunkered down at home instead of venturing out.

I felt a little queasy and didn’t feel like eating anything that required any effort, until I remembered I had some Target Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter in the pantry, just crying to be used up, and some of that wonderful Miche bread from Wegmans (it keeps really well, even in the fridge or freezer).

A marriage made in heaven!  I toasted the bread, spread on some of the chocolate peanut butter (only slightly more sinful than plain peanut butter, oddly), and it hit the spot. The tang in the bread offset the sweet richness of the spread perfectly.  It coated my tummy, and soothed my psyche, and is all I had until I felt better in time for an early dinner and bedtime. Ahhhh!

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