Birthday Dinner at Camillo’s Cafe

Camillo oystersI took my friend Carol out to dinner for her birthday earlier this month, and since I hadn’t been to Camillo’s Cafe, in the Princeton Shopping Center for a while, thought we’d give them a try.  What started out several years ago as a very modest and inexpensive Italian spot has grown into a larger and more upscale place, although one can still dine there quite reasonably.  When the weather cooperates, they have a nice outdoor patio, and a second room inside is ideal for a private event.

As soon as you enter for dinner, the staff leads you to their seafood display, to tempt you to try it, and, it being a hot summer night, we fell for it – and happily so!

These two little oysters (I was quite taken with that cute seafood fork), while not from cold waters (Chesapeake Bay I believe), were still very nice and we ended up starting with a delicious seafood platter (oysters, grilled shrimp, scallop, and bacon-wrapped mussels).

A split Caesar salad was also very good, especially since it had a nice white anchovy filet on each portion. That is so unusual these days, I miss the anchovy on restaurant Caesar salads!

camillos scallopsOur entrées were fantastic. We splurged and ordered more of that great seafood.  (By the way, their specials were properly printed out with prices-kudos!)  I had maybe the biggest scallops I’ve ever seen (U10 size, meaning 10 to a pound, tho’ I’d be surprised if it wasn’t closer to 8), perfectly grilled and served over porcini mushroom risotto.  The risotto was the same kind I make at home, and it was very well done, if a bit rich for summer.  Carol’s pasta with fresh seafood (including lobster!), in a bright tasting tomato sauce was also quite good, as were desserts, chocolate mousse for her and and my own creme fraiche ice cream.

Camillo’s turned out a really good dinner, and with their wide price range and great staff, they seem to be flourishing, and for good reason.

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