Gelavino Gelato

Gelavino GelatoWelcome to Gelavino Gelato in the Princeton Shopping Center!

Rather than drive into the eye of the storm last night on my way home to Montgomery (and on heavily wooded roads), I pulled into the Princeton Shopping Center thinking to wait it out.

I parked along the Harrison St. side, and promptly noticed a sign for Gelavino Gelato.  When did that appear, I wondered?

It wasn’t raining yet, so I scooted inside and was treated to taste after taste of delicious cooling treats, made 100% from scratch on the premises, I was assured. The Croccantino al Rum you see front and center here, with bits of nuts, was maybe my favorite, but I also liked the Tiramasu, the Espresso, and the lemon sorbet.  Blueberry sorbet was made with New Jersey fruit, and Apple with Terhune apples.  Their name, Gelavino, refers to sorbets made with wine, but they’d sold out of Merlot on my visit. Next time!

They only opened last week, and their selection of treats will expand.  They already have some interesting Italian sodas, and offer espresso and other coffee drinks.  They plan to offer semifreddo soon, a frozen dessert that will be sold by the slice, plus cassata and zuccotti.  I can’t wait to have a place to buy these delicious Italian desserts – they often involve sponge cake, candied fruits, and liqueur – so hard to find here – right on my way home and with easy parking!  This could be dangerous….

While at Gelavino, I enjoyed talking to Massimo Bocelli whose relatives started making Cavini gelato in Florence Italy in 1833.  Massimo told me that a doctor in our area, Scott Greenberg, decided to bring it to Princeton after trying it himself. Gracie!

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