Fruit bowlMy friend Angela Chang called me recently wanting to share some exotic fruits she had. I’m not sure where she got it all, although I gather they may have gotten the Asian pears from a local orchard (maybe Evergreen Farm in Hamilton?).

The next day when I got home from work, her husband had hung a hefty bag off my door, full of interesting things. Large Asian pears – which I love – like the one in the center top of the photo here.  A cactus fruit to the right of that. Fresh jujubes in the small bowl; they are also known as Chinese dates, and often found dried.

And on the upper left – well, I am not sure what that was – a Cherimoya maybe?  I never got to try that one, because I came down with the terrible cold, and by the time my tummy was in the mood for unfamiliar fruit again, it was too late.  I plan to break into the cactus fruit tonight, and take the jujubes to work tomorrow, to share at lunch.  What fun!

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