Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi fried rice and shrimpThis dinner, built, I admit, almost entirely on convenience foods, was just delicous. I’d had it in mind for a while, so decided it was time to raid the freezer.

Kimchi Fried Rice from Trader Joe’s formed the base. I really like this frozen item, as it is a tasty (somewhat spicy) accompaniment to whatever protein you’re cooking. Try it with salmon… A few frozen peas were added for color and fiber. That went in a bowl to be heated in the microwave.

Meanwhile, I’d thawed out some large frozen raw peeled shrimp (also from TJ’s). I had my Ginger People Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce handy (salt free!). Also, an egg, to gild the lily. You know how they put broken up scrambled egg in fried rice? That was the original idea, but once I’d sautéed the shrimp in a little peanut oil, then glugged on some chili sauce, it seemed a no-brainer to just plop the cracked egg in the middle, cover the small wok I was using, and let the egg poach while the shrimp finished cooking.

Once done, I slid the shrimp and egg mess over the heated rice and peas. O.M.G.!!

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