Duck Soup

duck soupThis turned out to be one of the more delicious soups I’ve made recently, I had the carcass from Thanksgiving, still with plenty of meat on it, and decided to just throw it in the pot at home one day.

I added the last of the drippings (sans as much fat as I could scrape off the top), too. Let it all simmer for an hour or so, and spent considerable time picking out bones.  Duck has a lot of small bones, and I knew I hadn’t gotten them all. I could live with that, since I wasn’t serving the soup to anyone else, so I just took care as I consumed it during weekday lunches.

After I’d picked out as many bones as I could, I added some mirepoix and some wild rice and simmered it all another 45 minutes or so.  Duck and wild rice – what’s not to like?

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