Crustless Cranberry Pie (or Cake)

whole pieI just love a good recipe tip! So, thank you to my co-worker who told me about this easy pie she makes at Thanksgiving each year.

I ended up using a different kind of baking vessel, since my bag of organic cranberries was a little less than more typical size the recipe called for. I figured that since I was cutting back a little on most of the other ingredients, too, I could use a smaller dish, and I love this lightweight Berndes dish I found at Marshall’s years ago. Since it’s straight sided, maybe I should call my version a cake? Also, I added some chopped candied orange peel I’d recently picked up at the Amish Market in Kingston. I could see using the basic recipe with a mix of fresh and candied fruits, actually, and I always seem to have the latter on hand at holidays. I have this intention of making some version of fruitcake, but since almost no one will eat it (more’s the shame), I end up backing off. But still….

cranberry pie servingI served this with some of the wonderful creme fraîche a friend brought to Thanksgiving dinner.  The top had a sugary crispness, the interior was nice and moist, and it kept well for the few days it lasted.

I don’t usually bake much, but when something this good comes along, I wonder why!

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