Holiday Ruminations


I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or holiday of your choice) and a happy and healthy New Year. And of course I hope you will enjoy some truly delicious meals with your family and friends this time of year. A shared meal should be so much more than just the food on the table; it is also, hopefully, a meaningful exchange of goodwill with your fellow diners.

While I am enjoying my whimsical marabou tree with its silly ornaments, I am having a hard time feeling particularly festive this year, considering the recent tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. My thoughts are with those children, those educators, and their families.

My fervent hope for the New Year is that, as a nation, we will take steps to break the habit of violence we increasingly see around us. May we have the collective will to make that happen. Write, tweet, blog, call your legislators, whatever it takes to let them know you expect change, and that you will support them in truly meaningful efforts. As our president said, “Surely we can do better.”

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